Enhance Your Brain Function and Memory


EHT® Age-Defying Supplement

EHT® Age-Defying Supplement, Mind Enhancement™ Formula This powerful supplement helps protect against common, age-related mental decline with an exclusive formula that includes our patented EHT® extract, derived from coffee.


  • stronger cognitive function and overall brain health
  • Fortification of natural brain functions
  • Protection of neuronal networking
  • Enhancement of the body’s natural energy stores
  • boosts the immune system

Nerium EHT – The Ultimate Brain Food

After 20 years of research, Princeton University Labs discovered the EHT® molecule. Princeton is the home of one of the top neuroscience programs in the world. This discovery helps defend our brains against the effects of aging.

EHT® keeps neural connections strong, leading to more robust synaptic connections. The result – increased brain performance for a healthy, focused mind.


The aging process can take a toll on brain function. Over time, vital neuronal connections weaken, which can cause memory loss, slower reaction times and diminished alertness. EHT®* Age-Defying Supplement helps protect against mental decline with a groundbreaking formula that includes our exclusive, patented EHT® extract, a natural mixture of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee. For a full list of ingredients, click here. Fortified with other rejuvenating ingredients, including vitamins B6, B12, D3, folic acid, magnesium citrate, selenium, Huperzine A (which increases focus) and the antioxidant lipoic acid, this supplement:

• Promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health
• Combats oxidative stress and chronic inflammation
• Fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions
• Protects and supports neuronal networking
• Enhances the body’s natural energy stores
• Boosts the body’s immune system
• Increases focus








eht gold badgeBSCG Certified Drug Free® supplement certification offers unparalleled protection against banned substances and quality concerns.

Our participation in this program means that professional and collegiate athletes can take Nerium EHT knowing that it’s been tested for banned substances.

The BSCG Certified Drug Free program offers the most comprehensive combination of drug-testing protection and general quality control assurance available in the supplement certification industry.

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