Terry Petrovick is an extraordinary business man and one of the few individuals that I know who has created a great balance in his life. Terry has started speaking to groups on his “happiness project” and when you hear Terry speak you quickly realize this is much more than a project with him . It is the way Terry is choosing to lead his life and he is inspiring others to do the same. I highly recommend that you connect with Terry and learn more about his happiness project.  It can change your life.

Dan Scala, Co- founder Wake Angels , Business Investment funding consultant


I was inspired by Terry and his talk about happiness — what it is, how to achieve it, what to avoid — and highly recommend him. Touching, funny, and compelling, I can’t imagine an audience his presentation wouldn’t have a positive impact on!

Linda Gutin, MA, Resume Consultant | Career Counselor | Speaker Coach | Copywriter


I’ve met a lot of leaders in the last 10 years. Of those that have become REALLY Successful, very few can tell you exactly HOW they did it. Not only can Terry tell you HOW but he can show you how and most importantly, help you do the same.  Terry leads with real integrity and I know that our business would not be where it is today without the things I learned from Terry Petrovick.

Tim Altvater, Speaker, Motivator, Author


Terry has literally exceeded my expectations in many areas. Not only is he knowledgeable and successful in his specific niche, he truly cares about people and is the REAL deal.  I highly recommend anyone reaching out to Terry, to take his advise seriously and more importantly if you get the chance to work with him, do not hesitate. 

John Mousson


I have known and worked with Terry for nearly 15 yrs. During that time I have seen him grow into one of the best professionals and trainers in the industry. He not only leads by example but works harder than anyone I know. He is also a constant source of encouragement and advice and is ALWAYS there to help. Terry is a man of extreme principle and a consummate professional. He is also a dedicated family man and the type of individual anyone would be proud to call a friend and associate.

Jim Lewis


Working with Terry Petrovick is a learning and growing experience. He is professional in his approach with others and he always shows real concern and caring for the people he teams up with. Not only is he a businessman, but a coach and friend as well. Terry believes in what he does and that confidence shines through. If you are looking for someone to partner with who is here to make a difference, your connecting with the right man.

Suzanne Sanders


Terry is a very dynamic leader and successful professional coach who significantly contributes to the entire team as a whole. He is one who gives so much of his energy and time by focusing on putting the needs of others first to ensure they achieve their goals. I encourage anyone who wants to succeed in building a very successful business to reach out to Terry to learn more about his proven methods.

Cindy Tysinger


Terry is a leader, entrepreneur and coach that empowers people to take their talents to excel in all aspects of their life. He is not afraid to be the first and he is always thinking outside of the box. Knowing Terry has truly enriched my life!

Melissa Gurney


Terry is an accomplished business coach and marketing expert. He is one of the best coaches, trainers, and motivational speakers in the sales and marketing industry. Terry is articulate, honest, and a no hype mentor. There are a lot of self-professed marketing gurus on the Internet but Coach Terry has a track record to prove it. He is the real deal with an organization numbering in the 1000s. Terry understands Internet marketing with years of experience writing sales and marketing copy. He is also a web 2.0 expert. It is a pleasure to have shared the stage with and worked with Terry over the years.

Mark Petticord


Terry is an exceptional role model. He truly believes in helping others achieve their own individual goals. His ability to help me envision my own future and the possibilities it can include is astounding. Working with Terry has been an exhilarating experience, and I know that I will continue to grow from his advice, education, and leadership.

Melissa Beirman


Terry is a true leader for small business. Terry has generously offered his time and expertise on numerous opportunities not only to me but to other business owners as well.

The comments Terry made to me were not only insightful but instrumental in moving my business to the next level. I highly recommend a conversation with Terry. His straight to the point, direct style will challenge you to rise to new levels.

David Bartos


Terry is a dedicated, caring, and focused Leader. I have seen how he works with people. Terry inspires loyalty in his associates and creates and environment where they want to achieve more because they are part of Terry’s organization. Further, Terry has a high level of integrity. I have never known him to gossip or be negative about situations or the future. He is someone you can trust. If you are looking for a lifetime business relationship with someone who can help you achieve success, Terry is your man.

Bill Merlo


Terry Petrovick is one of the most well respected leaders in our industry. He shows a rare combination of focused drive and caring heart that serves both his customers and his business partners. As a longtime colleague of Terry’s, I have sought him out as a mentor, trainer and friend. My business — and my life — are blessed by Terry’s generous sharing of his knowledge, wisdom and uplifting spirit.

Marion Head


Terry is the best coach and teacher I ever had, and believe me, I have had quite a few!

Terry supported my strengths from day one, but more importantly he was able to help me to recognize my weaknesses, and how to strengthen and apply them in practical and productive ways. One such lesson is teaching people how to fish and not to give people fish! Empowering people to reach their true potential is an amazing feeling.

Terry has also taught me the importance of time management. With Terry’s help, I am strengthening my ability to practice and profit from these great lessons. Terry has the ability to pass on the rules of success in an easily understood and applied manner.

Currently, I am building a global business and reaching my goals. Having Terry as a leader, coach and mentor is wonderful. I wouldn’t change him for the world!

Irvin Christopher Jarrett
Metaphysician, FRC (AMORC), RMT (IARP), MRT (TCNH)
Certified Energy Medicine Specialist, Holistic Health Practitioner


Terry has been my business mentor for the past ten years. He is a wonderful teacher and friend. The direction and goals I have set and achieved are due to the learning and the discipline that I have gained from my relationship with Terry and his family. I highly recommend his business ethics and style. He is a true servant to anyone who needs more in their life.

Laura Barnes


Terry is a dedicated and compassionate leader with a servant’s heart. He operates his business with integrity and places the interest of other before his own.

John Rollins, PhD


About a week ago while talking to a friend she casually stated she was experiencing significant benefits from “healthy aging” those were words that did appeal to me — considering my profession (in the health field) and also a highly demanding and stressful work-life.

I agreed to talk with her associate, Terry Petrovick. I was sure I would simply listen, thank him and that would be the end of that.

After hearing Terry’s personal story of long-term success there was a subtle and unexplained change in my attitude. He was warm, real and spoke knowledgeably and with conviction. I began to feel that this was something I could get behind; here was something that was science-based.

That day I became a business partner and associate–a 365-degree turn. And, there has been an added bonus. As I take advantage of Terry’s accessibility for support and council, and interact with his team members and associates I have that wonderful feeling of belonging to a community of friends and colleagues who have a shared vision and passion for making a positive difference in people in our communities and around the world.

Mavia Fletcher, Registered Dietitian


Terry Petrovick has been a great asset to our business. His ability to teach us to succeed in a business that we had not had success in before is amazing to us.

He has great communication skills and is such a people person that you want to emulate him. We like the fact that he makes himself available when you need that extra attention too.

We are sure we wouldn’t be doing as well as we are if it wasn’t for Terry’s coaching and reassurance when we need it. We are so glad to be part of his team!

Bill and Beverly Monical, DC


Terry is unwavering in his commitment to help me set and reach my goals in business. His candid style, insight, and ability to get to the heart of the matter have all been very beneficial.

He has helped me walk through several potential quitting points and persevere. I wouldn’t know the success I know today if it weren’t for his partnership along the way.

His encouragement comes not from a self-proclaimed expert, but from one who has been there and walked in the trenches of business building himself. Much can be learned from him that might otherwise have to be learned the hard way.

Tim Boettger, Pastor


Terry Petrovick came into my life at the right time! They say when a student is ready the teacher appears, well he did!

I was floundering in my new home-based business with virtually no business skills just a lot of ambition. Terry showed me how to really focus on exactly what I wanted and showed me how to manage my time effectively and get the most out of what I was doing.

He has a “No Nonsense” approach to his coaching, and even though he always showed understanding for my challenges, he strongly encouraged me to keep moving forward!

 Terry helped me to stay focused and achieve my goals. He is an excellent teacher and has shown me how to market my business more effectively over the Internet as well as create a whole new skill set, which has been invaluable to me.

 I believe he has been an integral part of my success with my business and I would strongly recommend anyone to get on board with his coaching if you want to achieve all you can!

Kimberly Gridley
License of the Practice College of Homeopathy
Fellowship of the British Institute of Homeopathy


Terry Petrovick is one of the top leaders in our profession. His simple but powerful marketing methods have helped me grow my business to over 4,500 people in a year.

Patrick M. Powers, Author of “High Trust Networking”


In a world where the only qualification for becoming “a coach” is buying a franchise, or hanging out a shingle, i.e. there is no state or national licensing or competency requirement for coaches; we were looking for someone who was actually successful both in his/her business and personal life.

In my world/my values: you can have all the money in the world but if you don’t get along with your spouse, kids, family and friends having lots of money is a thin measure of success. Similarly, it is a very sad view from the top if you have sacrificed your health on your upward climb.

Terry is successful in both his business and family life; his wife, children, and extended family love and respect him. One of his latest personal challenges: he has trained for and completed a marathon.

Now, via his coaching programs, Terry is returning to the business community the skills, techniques, and insights that helped him along the way. Coach Terry gave us insights to help us avoid some of the pitfalls that plague many businesses and helped prepare us to address opportunities as they presented themselves. Areas we found especially beneficial: priority setting, self-evaluation, time and event management, and tips for more effective organization and delegation.

When starting out, especially with limited resources, it is important to use those finite resources effectively and efficiently. In the year we’ve known Terry he has always been in our corner and we are honored that his family now counts us among their business associates and friends.

Gene and Rose Wolf


Back in 1997, my husband and I faced a new and uncertain future. We were highly successful in business, had a lovely horse farm, and led a comfortable, but hectic life. Then, we got the word that my husband had a major health challenge.

Into our lives came Terry Petrovick, as our business coach and mentor. Terry has a youthful, and commanding appearance, a direct speaking style that evokes respect, a wit that disarms, and a laser focus that sets a high standard for others to follow.

First thing, Terry asked me to define what I truly wanted in life. I wrote a three page script of my ideal day. Then he asked me to break it down into bite-sized pieces, put a time frame, and prioritize each. That was the first of many “ah-ha moments.”

Terry’s background in marketing, networking, and business coaching equip him to quickly discern weak spots as well as strengths in his clients. His coaching helped me focus on my strengths, while avoiding the pitfalls of my weaknesses. Refining the steps needed, the reality check of time available, brainstorming and instilling the habit of personal accountability it takes to achieve success, Terry guided me in my process.

From Terry I learned that we each go through the process of life at our own pace. Being a person of stubborn determination, having Terry Petrovick coach me, with his patient, persistent strength, and equal determination, has made all the difference in the success of my life.  Thanks to Terry’s steadfast guidance, we now have a business that extends around the world. We will continue coaching with Terry because the process of living a successful, abundant, joyful life continues.

JoEllen Donnelly


Terry Petrovick makes himself available as you grow your business. I love his personal growth calls. Studying his select books then applying the principles to my life made a big difference in my business. He is always willing to spend time working with someone who was “teachable, coachable, trainable”.

Your encouragement and support really helped me to overcome my fears to grow my business.

I was so grateful to have access to you and so appreciate all that you’ve done for us and so many others.

Renee Ortman, Registered Pharmacist


Terry is a great leader who teaches others by his example. He is a good listener, and is always willing to ask tough questions to get you thinking. He has developed his own skills over the years, and is always learning from his experiences and from those around him.

One of the challenges I had when I started my home-based business was being distracted by everything around me. Terry provided me with the information and materials to understand how I was really spending my time, and taught me how to focus on the activities that improved my results. He also helped me find the resources I needed to develop my own presentation and helped me find a way to share my experiences in a way that is powerful and compelling.

In short, Terry has helped me make the most of my time and talents, so that I can reach my goals.

Anna Holland, Business Owner


Terry Petrovick helped me to grow so that my business could grow. I didn’t understand that personal growth had anything to do with professional business growth. I now have a multimillion-dollar a year gross in my business, and I have Terry Petrovick to thank for helping me get started and going in the right direction.

Mike Cannon, Business Owner, Life Coach


Terry is a wonderful coach and trainer! I have attended his training’s in the past and found that his material is very practical and hands on.

Terry is very motivational and I would recommend his training highly! His marketing materials are extremely professional and I have used many of them in the past to help me build my business. He is a great leader.

Val Card, ex-911 Operator, Business Owner


Terry Petrovick’s coaching has helped me in my business in a number of ways. At the beginning we did book studies and one-on-one intentions and goal setting. We did vision workshops (those changed my life). He helped me define what it would take to reach the next goal.

I vacillated between resistance and denial. I played with different levels of decision and growth. Terry added some harsh truths to my perspectives. I learned that making sacrifices and readjustments could be both fun and rewarding.

I now have built a multi-million dollar business. Terry continues to challenge and help me clarify my growth into a more empowering leadership position. Now acting as fellow travelers as much as teacher and student, Terry and I define and redefine our roles: sometimes teacher, sometimes student and always good friends.

Thanks Terry!

Bob Hooper, ex Insurance Agency Owner


In the early stages of my business, he did enough 3-way calls and face-to-face presentations with me until I was comfortable doing them myself. His successful experience serves as an inspiration and example to all of us on the team and he strives to make each team member a leader in their own right. In short, he works to make you successful.

Because of his experience, Terry is able to sidestep emotional entanglements and give an objective evaluation of anyone’s performance.

In a no-nonsense manner, he will share ideas and instruction that will allow you to understand this industry, and, with clarity, pinpoint exactly what steps you need to take to improve. He always provides encouragement when needed, and is there when team members ask for help.

Hal Wertich, ex-Athletic Director and Coach


Terry Petrovick is a ‘”Co-Active Coach” meaning that we had a truly client/coach relationship based on commitment, accountability and interactive communication based on honesty and integrity.

Terry does not judge nor criticize. He helps you acknowledge your blocks and walks with you through them to bring forth your own solutions. In that manner, he is a true diplomat.

Through Terry’s mentoring I have achieved life-changing behavior in many areas of my life, which I can now pass on to help others grow and succeed as I have. Thank you Terry.

JoAnna Knauf, Registered Nurse


When I first started my business I was unsure of what I needed to do to be successful. I had been in the nutrition and wellness field for eleven years. I tried on my own to figure out how to build a significant business but did not have the success I was looking for. Although I was growing my business, I knew I could do better.

That is where Terry helped me a lot. He helped me learn what activities are most productive, how to manage my time, and how to stay focused. When you work for yourself it can be really hard to accomplish these main tasks. Terry really has helped open my eyes to what I can do to improve myself to grow my business. Terry is a true leader that I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to have as my mentor.

Shanna Bierman, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant


All champions whether they be artists, athletes, dancers, or professionals have coaches. Great champions have stellar coaches. These coaches not only excel in their field, but also are paramount teachers who inspire the student to reach his or her true potential.

As the youngest 6-figure earner in a Fortune 500 company – for 2 years running – I can tell you success is not a result of coincidence but of deliberate design & commitment. With no previous networking experience, coaching was an integral part of my success.

Terry Petrovick was my coach – that should tell you a world about his qualifications. Terry does what he teaches; and has made over 1 Million himself in this business. What does Terry have to offer you? Could you benefit from having a mentor who is humble but yet is ‘tough’ on you & keeps you focused on your ultimate goal? Want to know how to obliterate sales resistance? Are ready to have an expert that has ‘been there, done that’ personally coach you – so you to can soar to THE TOP? Terry’s mentoring was all of this and more for me. As a future champion yourself, you will excel quickest by working with Terry – after all he has coached many of the industry’s finest. So why not you?

Zach Thompson, Entrepreneur


Thank you so much Terry for your help today. I learned more from you on how to do this in this one hour than all the calls I have listened to in 4 years; you were extremely helpful. Thank you again so very much!

Kathleen B. Reish


Terry is one of the most knowledgeable and balanced individuals I know. He has a superior aptitude for social networking and internet marketing coupled with the skill to put a person at ease, help them improve their condition in life, and become more successful in their chosen business.

You can’t go wrong with Terry. He is one of the best Leaders I have had the honor to know.

Carol Merlo


Terry has become a friend and mentor to me. He is very diligent in his work ethic and always honest and sincere. He truly wants everyone to succeed at whatever they may do. A no non-sense, go-to type of guy, Terry tells you like it is but always with respect and graciousness. If you are fortunate enough to become part of his team as I am, you will become a better business leader and person for doing so.

Ray Patterson, Commercial Lending Adviser/Broker


Terry is professional, goal driven, and is proactive at helping others to grow their business. He is truly an asset and I am happy to be part of his team. If you are ready to step up and create results, he is there to support your success all the way! He always makes time for you!

James Murphy, Executive Coach


Terry is completely giving of himself, his knowledge, his time and his vision. Very inspiring man, thanks for your input Terry!

Carie Lyndene