Talks on Happiness

Creating Awareness of Happiness

Are you interested in creating more awareness for your business, church, civic group or community around happiness?

Science has proved happy people: 

  • increased sales
  • higher incomes
  • setting and achieving more goals
  • experienced less stress
  • more energy
  • stronger immune system
  • increased longevity


My topics include:

The Science of Happiness, You Will Learn:

  • What is happiness, anyways?
  • Here’s what it is not
  • Why your happiness isn’t just about you
  • Way to increase your happiness
  • Embracing adversity
  • Your search for meaning
  • 5 ways to boost your happiness instantly

Money and Your Happiness, You Will Learn:

  • What to focus on
  • Living your dream
  • Your time and money
  • Should you treat yourself
  • What to spend your money on

The Science of Raising Happy Kids, You Will Learn:

  • The importance of being nurturing
  • Why your happiness matters
  • The importance of optimism
  • How to praise kids
  • The best parenting style
  • The resilience of kids
  • How to argue
  • What do kids really want
  • What to encourage

Happiness in the Digital Age, You Will Learn:

  • How do we feel online
  • Being connected and productivity
  • Is it helping or harming relationships
  • Should you go social

How to Stick to Your Goals, You Will Learn:

  • Resolutions
  • Choosing the right goals
  • Planning for success
  • Your inner strength
  • Going social


Boosting Your Confidence, You Will Learn:

  • It’s about you
  • Power Poses
  • Listening and saying what?
  • Men vs. women
  • The age factors


Why Friends Matter, You Will Learn:

  • The impact on how long you live
  • How to enhance the relationships
  • Keeping the close
  • Physical and mental health issues
  • Should you be social online


Please contact me if you are interested in one or more of these sessions.

Just imagine for a moment that you created a new awareness around happiness…your ripple could impact thousands of lives!

All wonderful benefits when you choose to live happy.